9/11 & Awakening - Luke Rudkowski

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We interview Luke Rudkowski for our latest documentary titled The Collective Evolution III: The Shift. Luke speaks about the what life was like in NYC when 9/11 happened, his thoughts on who was responsible for 9/11 and what it means to humanity as a whole. He also touches on the shift in consciousness happening on our planet right now. You can learn more about Luke at WeAreChange

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Cheryl Woodford

The interviewer (Joe?) needed a microphone too. I couldn't hear his questions very well. I didn't know about Luke or We are Change, so very glad for this introduction. I will follow him on FB and watch his videos on YT which has over 578,000 subscribers! What have I been missing? Be happy. Love is the answer <3

Luke Rudkowski is an American journalist who has been working to explore stories the mainstream media won't touch for over a decade. Founded by Luke Rudkowski, We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. WAC seeks to expose the lies of governments and the corpora...