Clearing Emotional Blocks w/ Thais Gibson


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Do you find yourself experiencing anger, depression, anxiety or other emotional blocks? The truth is, we’re creating these things within ourselves and with that comes a great power to overcome them. We sit down with Thais Gibson to explore this subject in great detail and move through the profound truths about how truly gain freedom from emotions that drive our experience. 

Download worksheet: HERE.


I have thought about this very topic for years. What first provoked me was an adage I came across "you would not recognize the faults in others unless you possessed them yourself" Your talk has certainly expanded on this. Thank you for broadening my understanding of this.

Luis David Colindres

So many of these limiting beliefs come from childhood. The thing is, that was a loooong time ago. So it's gonna take some focus (time and effort) to remember correctly the patterns that shaped us into who we are today. Hang in there. You will not regret it.




I'm blown away by your (Thais) ability to help transform people's lives. I took it in very deeply. I enjoyed your method. Very precise and to the point! Thank you, Joe for having her on your program. I know it will be a HUGE success for you. Much Love.

Karin Weiss

Thais, you are an inspiration. Thank you for this wonderful interview. I seem to be able to learn lots lately. But at times I am so exhausted, but my soul doesn't give me a break. I have been on this journey of healing since 8 years. My entire belief system has changed, which is very overwhelming as well. I am so very thankful for all your thoughts and inspiration. I know I can learn lots listening. Sending much love and appreciation.

John Tanner

What a terrific discussion.. so happy to have found CETV.. such a delightful departure from mainstream media brain flogging! Thank you both for sharing!


Thanks for being here, and I'm glad the difference is felt! :)


I do not see the works sheet link to use while watching? Thanks


Hey Sheryl! Sorry, we had not got it to show up correctly in the description, it is there now. We apologize for the delay! Thanks! Joe

Javen Michael Mondragon

Great tools for my self-help tool belt


Indeed! :)

Thais is  a personal development specialist and master life coach. I work with people to transform subconscious beliefs, internal dialogue and perceptions, to create dramatic positive change. Much of this work involves releasing past traumas and strong emotional charges, as well as discharging negative behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage around money. I also work wi...