Part 3: Contactees & The Shift w/ Susan Manewich

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We sat down with Susan Manewich to explore her contactee research and knowledge of hidden energy technologies. Within those interviews, we determined that most contactees have been notified and told that a large shift was taking place on the planet. Some of them were given messages and told that when the time is right, they will know what to do. In this interview, we explore what this is all about. 

You can learn more abou Susan's work here:

KarenAnne Bis

Such a calming interview, advocating moving from 'head space' - 'heart space'. Explains why I have felt a lack in concentration / listlessness, recently - picking up manic energy in the world / online. As Susan suggests, being 'at one' with nature is key. Lately, I have been able to reconnect with my whole family in a more heart-centred way. I found this series uplifting / encouraging. Would like to learn what KP's / EMAS (?) mean, too.

Patricia patterson

Very good talk

Patricia patterson

I'm signed in but it won't let me watch the show

Patricia patterson

Patricia patterson

Victoria Serna

Very curious as to what the "KP" that Susan was talking about when referring to the different things that effect us. (ex. Chem trails, EMF)


Really enjoyed the wisdom that both of you were able to relay!!


Thanks Dana! Glad you enjoyed the interview!

Debra Tisdale

is there any way to get closed caption for people hard of hearing, please? and thank you


Hey Debra! This is in the works! We have 2 videos done with 4 more on the way by the end of tomorrow. Then a whole slew of them will begin over the next week. We hope to have captions on all the videos within the next 2 weeks :)

Susan is the current president of the New Energy Movement. Susan Manewich focuses on conscious leadership for the positive evolution of all life. She has spent 20 years in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics to successfully transition through these global changes.

Susan currently works to bring ethics...