Do We Really Need To Eat? - Kirby De Lanerolle

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We talk to long time breatharian Kirby De Lanerolle about his journey with fasting, food and exploring human potential. We explore the question: do humans really need to eat food? Or even as much as we are often told? Kirby talks to us about the various ways humans can actually get energy to fuel ourselves, some related to food and some not. You can find out more about Kirby’s work at:

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I too felt energized and deeply inspired on such new information. New spiritual information too!! Love it. I will give this a go for 30 days to follow my conscience. ❤😊

In 2012, through the revelation that “man shall not live on bread alone…” he accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of completing a half marathon without eating for 2 months, sustained only by the holy communion. This feat was featured in the local media. The power of the lords communion was demonstrated through signs and wonders.

Kirby de Lanerolle is currently 43 years old and ha...