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The introductory episode to CETV's original series Elevate featuring speaker and visionary Franco DeNicola and CE's founder Joe Martino.

This episode explores who Franco DeNicola is, how this show came to be and what its intention is prior to getting into the first season.

John Slivka

Stephen Elmaleh

I can’t figure out how to watch the show. I pressed download and watch the show and nothing happens.

Brian NICHOLAS Buono

Brian NICHOLAS Buono

Mazie Miles

Nice to be here

Margaret I Marlowe

Lucinda ellery

This is all brand new to me I was reading David Wilcock on Corey Goode and this came up so I trusted putting my card details on and am giving this a go expanding my mind and knowledge base is of great interest to me and seeing a space ship in Rhodesia when I was 8 years old when out with my mother has not left me ever so looking into that has led me here looking forward to the journey👀

Mazie Miles

Congratulations Lucinda, We are all accepting new and divine ways of thinking.

Luke vanzoelen

Felt a little more elevated after Franco said “it’s exciting times” aha! So happy to be participating thanks legends, you have changed my life joe- peace. Hope it’s a good start to the year for you all!

ken gaines

So...I"m new to all of this, and want to view the introductory video , which I assume will give some history on the origination of the site...I see a trial offer for 7 days free , BUT they want my payment issue up front!This fact makes me believe its all a scam. I don"t know ALL things,but I am a seriously LIFE educated human being with a very aware and awake conscience and a strong sense of discernment.I despise those who do business this way and have been given no incentive to go farther.I"m patient and will delay deleting all of this permanently until I do or do not recieve some respomse from administration REMEDYING this issue.

Michael stern

Are you serious? This is how every business and service operates today. If you only need to put in your email you could just keep using different email addresses every seven days. That would not be very fair. A commitment is needed.

ken gaines


Finally franco on a regular basis. Been waiting a long time for him to fo this. Ty to you both. Amy

Christine Tchamourian

Christine Tchamourian

I just joined and Franco u r on the right track keep it up it’s about time for all this to surface it is great to hear someone put words that people can understand this truth.


whoa, I had to pause the video and say that intro was tight!


Thanks! ;)


It's so great to see Franco have another platform! I've been listening/interacting for 5 or so years now... And I'm not the person I was before, by ANY means! Enjoy the ride peeps, You're in for an absolute TREAT 😆


Great to have you here! Franco and I have been waiting a long time to finally do this show so it's exciting to have it up and to have people engaging :) Thanks for being here!



John Rickman

John Rickman

Diana Swift


Great first episode! I've been a viewer since early collective-evolution (Snaisy) and throughout the years, the content continues to be so expansive! I'm excited for the episodes to come. Thank you!


Snaisy! Oh my gosh I remember that screen name when I would see comments literally from day one!! :) So glad to hear from you on here :) We appreciated the support all these years! Glad you enjoyed this episode, we got some great stuff coming in future episodes! Much love!

Robin Beck

Where can I download this so that I can watch it at home, not at work?


At this time we will be able to offer audio downloads for all of our interviews and show episodes so you can listen via MP3 on the road and such, but given we have had our content stolen and put up on YouTube quite frequently, we haven't decided to make video files available to members for now. Very soon, the MP3 files will be available :) If there a reason why you are unable to view the video at home? Internet connection speed perhaps?

Jimmy T

Hi Joe, We are in the same situation at home living remotely without a wired connection we rely upon mobile data connection and the data is expensive. Would love to have opportunity to download at work for later offline viewing


Hey Jimmy, I totally feel you both, me and my wife live up in the country away from things, our internet isn't the quickest, we do all our uploading at the office as home is IMPOSSIBLE lol. Let me see what we can get set up ASAP for you so we can figure this out. I will try and have a solution ready before the week is up :) Thanks!!


Fantastic!!! So happy to find you and this show ❤


Hey Dana! Thanks for being here and happy to hear your feedback! This whole first season is pretty epic! We have season 2 in the works already and feel people will really love what we have planned :)