Elevate S1 E3 - Understanding The Role of The Cabal

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In this episode, Joe and Franco explore the emotions that often come up when learning about the cabal and what they are 'doing to humanity.' Through this, a deeper understanding of what role of the cabal is playing in our experience is found. This is about getting to true freedom within ourselves, and evolving beyond the need for the cabal collectively. 


Great episode! It is true that listening to you, Joe, is comforting after watching angry or funny mean main and alt media hosts. I did fall into the anger about the world and then was tired and drained then confused and lost. Finding CE again really brought everything together, the current news and how it relates to our current state of being, spirituality, extraterrestrial life forms, etc. Thank you.


I am one of those people who used to follow CE then thought you guys went far out lol. And now I'm back as a subscriber of CETV! I have a lot to catch up on lol. Continue on!


Thanks for a great episode - great talks. How is the Way around 5G ? It seems to be faster implemented than the awakening... and how to walk around it - when it is everywhere? Could you talk with Franco about that, thanks

Anneke Siesling

Have a look for orgonite pyramids

Brad Campbell

A part of this is very akin to Access Consciousness. When we make something 'significant' we inadvertently add energy to it, strengthening it. Then we may see it as 'powerful' and we may play victim with it.

Marit Hoberg

Thank you for a most interesting and illuminating interview! It also turned out to be a perfect class in psychology.

Mark Edwards

Very uninformed gentleman on quantum physics and the potential of one human. He speaks as if anger is one dimensional. When in fact it can be used for positive outcomes with including the big picture. Nothing is impossible.


Thanks for the comment! Care to give a bit more detail about how this shows a lack of understanding of quantum physics? Trying to understand a bit more before responding as I don't understand what you're getting at.