Elevate S1 E4 - Critical Mass & Collective Consciousness

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When we break down the shift in consciousness taking place we can view it both as a collective journey and an individual journey. In this episode, Joe and Franco discuss collective consciousness and the critical mass needed to create a shift on our planet.

Poppy Morgan

Thank you Joe and Franco! These discussions are very interesting and very heartening. At the end of this episode, you gave me a new perspective of anxiety and depression. Seeing it as an indication of a shift, or a prompting to observe and reflect. Interesting. I joined Collective Evolution a few weeks ago and am finding it very engaging so far. Thank you very much.


Thanks sooo much for your perspective. Very soothing in this storm. However, I must be around a lot of 70 percenters.... Can you also make some practical how-to tips how to tab into the collective? And what would the new collective do to get around 5G? Would a solution be to meditate with intention of another solution? How powerful is that method? My surroundings wants to demonstrate (=the old Way)....



Wow, my 2 fave peeps finally discussing all the deepest info - I waited 10yrs for this, it's been worth every bit, THANK YOU <3


Thank you so much for this brilliant information thus far - having such an explanation of what we agreed to so many years ago, in some way is heart opening. Any idea when the next episode is?

Tommy Joe Laux

Thank you, Joe and Franco for what you all are doing. I don't know when you started this Elevating process, but I could see it coming ten years ago in an NDE event. I didn't know how or when or who would bring it, I just knew it would show up at the right moment.