Elevate S1 E5 - Extraterrestrials & Beings

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Joe and Franco discuss the influence extraterrestrials and beings have in the process of the shift we are experiencing. What is their role? Do they interfere? Are they saving humanity? Let's explore.


Thanks... 😊 I heard of an invention, the god helmet. That when you activate certain centers in the brain, you start seing ETs. So this made me think, is this why it is said that the whole universe is inside of you? Can you also touch on how to be in the flow -from a practical point of view? Thanks:-)


Wow, fantastic info guys - I recall when Franco was on Liquid Lunch in fall of 2012 & he shared that Humans are made up of the most pristine aspects of 12 different races & we were "grown" in a Petri Dish etc...SO COOL to see this all coming full circle <3

Tracy Velvick

The whole discussion resonates with me, to the point that I anticipate meeting other soul brothers and sisters. I would like to think it will happen in my lifetime this time around but I also have a deeper understanding that I have been here before and have also experienced other existences. If I would have seen this video 10 years ago, it would have been wasted on me, even 5 years ago, I would have understood some but not all, now my level of awareness total connects and resonates with all of it. Thank you for connecting and communicating with the collective consciousness, it's a great platform to guide and to elevate humanity.

Landry Tientcheu

Great show. i found myself being resistant at times to the information shared here, which is a great way for me to self-observe where and how i resist to humanity's evolution. Thanks for the opportunity.


Thanks so much for the feedback! And that's an awesome observation you shared!

Martha Barlsdale

Martha Barlsdale