Elevate S1 E6 - How To Take Part In The Shift

Elevate-S1 Elevate

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Joe and Franco discuss one of the biggest questions that comes up with regards to the shift: "Am I taking part in it? If not, how do I?" They cover some of the misconceptions and self-judgments that often stop us from gaining clarity on the role we play in this process.


Thanks so much! Really nice with this personal take on it. I would love if you will digg deeper into the Inner work, how to connect to your heart, your own inner guidance. Monks say that by meditating in a cave they Can heal / reach the whole world because your inner self is intrinsically connected to the outer world. Can you touch on this part, thanks? Love you...

Michelle peck

PERFECT TIMING you gorgeous beings of love...thank you sooooo much for these informative and full of wisdom discussions...loving them :) xx



As we know "It's ALL ABOUT ME" as in Change begins WITH me WITHIN myself FIRST, it's amazing how that changes everything):-


LOVED THIS ONE guys, GREAT Tips & Insights! PS "Stagnation vs. Paralyzation" was awesome, I thought Franco was going to rap,lol <3

Landry Tientcheu

Brilliant analysis. I have to say that I'm happy that i can understand exactly what you guys are talking about. It wouldn't have been the case even 5 years ago. That's how long it took to go from being AI centric to being soul centric. Now I'm very clear that one of my powers resides in the following law: what's in the one is in the whole (and vice versa). And with that knowing, I now heal the world from within.