Elevate S1 E7 - Moving Past Fear of Change

Elevate-S1 Elevate

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With the shift comes change, with change comes a reluctance to change and fear of change. In this episode, Joe and Franco discuss the various emotions, thoughts, and fears that come up when observing the shift, and help viewers o better understand their emotions and how to move past them.

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Molly Hélène

Thank you Joe and Franco. What I find interesting in my own awakening process, is that when I am fascinated by something and delve into the subject to learn and experience more about it, whether that subject is perceptually "good" or "evil", is that it then becomes more out in the open in the world at large (e.g., through Wikileaks and the media including CE). For instance, I. like many of us, had spent a good portion of the last decade + diving down the rabbit hole to learn about the power elite, pedophilia, AI, archons, etc., bringing me to an innerstanding that we are all actors playing roles in a "divine" melodrama where we can choose, individually and collectively, to enact our own hero's journey to freedom and "enlightenment"... or not. I and clearly, constantly and synchronistically shown how my own conscious attention to something is intrinsically connected to the collective consciousness. I know I am not the only one this is happening to but there is certainly a connection to one's personal growth and the effect it has on the "causal plane" of the collective. I am not necessarily on the vanguard per se, as I am learning from those who have gone 'before" me, but I am constantly reminded of the tremendous impact that my own dedicated journey to freedom and expanded consciousness has on the world that I experience. As I continue to heal myself with my own transpersonal work, yoga, meditation, diet, and mindful living, as well as going deeper into a Qi Gong practice to more deeply experience energy and learn how to cultivate and direct it, the more I live in a peaceful and expansive world. Not that I don't pay attention or see the swirl of human drama, but I am much less affected by it, and if I am, I am aware of it and can choose to shift how I feel and think in the experience. We truly are co-creators. For those of us who have come to this type of innerstanding, I feel it is important to use and direct the power of our imagination to imagine and create the world how we know it can be. What I mean is, in order for us to move into a 5th D consciousness, we must move through the 4th. The 4th D includes the world of dreams and subconsciousness. By doing our transpersonal work of clearing the hidden pain and fear in the subconscious and by utilizing our dream work (such as what Dulce Ruby is teaching), we can envision and create an amazing world of beauty, health, balance, vibrancy, joy and freedom. I thank you both again, in gratitude for what you offer, and for the mission of CE. I feel a powerful sense of community with you and the CE family.