ELEVATE S1 E9 - Humanity's Future

Elevate Season 1 Elevate

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As humanity shifts, inevitably a new future will emerge for us. What might that look like? Not just from a technological sense, but from a day to day state of being sense? What will it feel like? What might life look like? Joe and Franco discuss in the finale to season 1.


Awesome info - thank you and look forward to more insight.

Elizabeth Haskett

I've been really enjoying these shows, thank you CE for all you hard work and dedication you put into this! I have one comment to make about possible improvements, why are the shows thumbnail pictures blurry? It makes it kind of difficult to know what I've already watched or to get a feel for the episode.

Landry Tientcheu

Oh I got one more question? What about cosmic laws like the LOA, the law of action and consequences, the law of one and so on, do those laws remain true throughout cosmic shifts and cosmic dimensions, applying to all beings equally, or do laws/ethics evolve as well depending on the dimensional plane in which we find ourselves? Thanks again for your time.

Landry Tientcheu

Thank you for another great show. I got a question about responsibility and karma. In that new earth that you’re describing, are people not responsible for their actions anymore? Thanks for any insight