Elevate S1 E8 - Trump, Current Events & The Shift

Elevate Season 1 Elevate

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Is Trump cabal or is he an outsider? The question on so many people's minds as we consider what is happening within current events as they relate to the shift. Are things actually changing? Let's discuss!

David Adolfsson

Hi! Can you please ad dates to the epidodes? It’s hard to know which ones we have watched and what’s new.. ;-) thanks for the great content!

Molly Hélène

I agree. That would be very helpful. For now, I add to favorites (for the most part) anything I've watched so to help me stay organized.

Gregory Hill

It would also be nice if there was a search function. The first five episodes of Elevate don't show up in the list above and there is no way to find them if they really do exist.