Elevate S2 E1 - The Human Experience

Elevate Season 2 Elevate

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Coming March 18th 2019, Season 2 of Elevate will focus on the Human Experience. If you ever wanted to dive deep into who we are, why we are here and how we can reach our full potential, this season will take things to a whole new level.

Landry Tientcheu

I love the concept of body consciousness. It resonates strongly with me. Is it possible that there's a body upgrade taking place with the shift, and as a consequence the way we nourish and heal our bodies has totally changed from what we used to know and practice for decades?

Landry Tientcheu

Very interesting conversation. If no one is here by accident, are we then responsible for hurting others?

Landry Tientcheu

Can the human entity also be called a personality suit? Thanks for clarifying.


Is everything okay - although your note says that the season 2 of Elevate will start on March 18th - it still shows up as "Coming Soon" as i click on it. Thanks and continue the good work