Elevate S2 E5 - Where Do We Come From?

Elevate Season 2 Elevate

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One of the questions of our time is who are we and where do we come from? In talking with Franco, we explore the idea of where our body comes from specifically. Did we evolve from single-celled organisms? Did we get put here by a God? Or is there another story?


I’ve been enjoying elevate so much since I first started on season 1 and will continue to watch and spread this series as long as it is created! Everything you talk about completely resonates with me and I do believe it to be true but I think it would be so beneficial to others to explain how all of this information was received ie downlads, meditation, and what the experience had been like to take all of the information and understand it to be true fact. I 100% believer that this is who we are but I think it would benefit those who are just coming across this information to know where it is coming from!

Landry Tientcheu

You're absolutely right Christo. It'd be very helpful to know the source of the info so as to legitimize the data for those of us who are extremely logical.

Landry Tientcheu