Elevate S2 E6 - The Inverted Matrix

Elevate Elevate Season 2

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Joe and Franco discuss the question that is often on everyone's mind, why does it seem like everything in our world is backwards to how it could be? Literally, backwards...


Hello, thank you for all those fascinating conversations... When you talk about "Them" when you say : "They" installed the inverted matrix so many years ago, who are "They" ? how are they separate from us/me? Why would "They" set up that Inverted matrix?


Sorry, I dropped that comment/question half way through the show, but I should have waited until the end because you do talk about it...


Sometimes I felt like I was listening to a foreign language and lingo, but this was really cool! Question for everyone: In the Law of One, they don't speak about dimensions, but rather densities. I think this conserves the sense that there are not many disconnected spaces that we live in, but one-dimensional space with evolving rates of experience-- like a flower budding, rather than train stops. Has anyone read the Law of One and how do you think it compares to the Matrix movie and that analogy for the game which we call life?

Landry Tientcheu

Franco, you often mention that you do back end work. What does that mean exactly? Thanks!


Love this series so much! It definitely resonates with me, I quite regularly say to myself that everything feels ass backwards.. and it’s so interesting to know that other people realize that too but that makes me wonder what that says about us and why some of us come into this experience with more conscious understanding than others. I’m curious to hear others thoughts on what the big picture truly is on a soul level. We go through all of these different playgrounds to get new experiences and to evolve further but to what and and for what reason if there even is one! It’s an interesting thing think about. Amazing episode as always guys, thank you!

Landry Tientcheu

Those of us who are part of the CETV community, are we 3D or 4D? A general answer will suffice. I understand that there are many densities on the scale of consciousness.

Bart Marshall

Great show! Really helped connect some dots for me.