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Arjun Walia, CE Journalist, interviews Natalie Trent, Harvard Researcher and Shamanic Reiki Master, to discuss her experience as a Harvard research on the field of Quantum physics and sciences. She connects the dots on how it applies to her current reiki practice and to other energy medicine modalities to help people heal and overcome imbalances.


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John DeRosa

John DeRosa

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Tony Consiglio

I want to find out about the psychedelic mushroom from Equitore. Dictyonema Huaorani. I study fungi for research purposes and that is one I'm wanting to study and very much curious about that specific mushroom or most. Please send me a link on anything to do with this specific mushroom moss and how it grows and study its psychedelic compounds of psilocybin and Dmt . Thank you very much I donated and joined CE TV. VERY interesting to see the results and studies. Thank you very much. 7342800804

Pamela Matheron

Pamela Matheron

Dr. Natalie Trent, PhD is a neuroscientist and shamanic energy healer, working to integrate the scientific and the mystical. As a scientist, Natalie studies the power of mind-body medicine and spirituality for wellness, healing, and prevention of illness and disease. Natalie has received media attention for her work, and has been interviewed by The Dr. Denise show, Collective Evolution, Mich...