Ep. 5 - Trump's 5G Push & Significance of Assange Arrest

The Collective Evolution Show

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We talk Trump's push for 5G as we put the crap aside for a second and get to the bottom of what some people are deeply missing in this discussion. We jump on the phone with Josh Del Sol to talk about 5G halts happening around the world, and end off with a discussion about Assange's arrest that looks at the many implications and possibilities. 

J. Chavez

Thank you for discussing these issues from a neutral point of view. I love the EOW show, but sometimes I do feel that people take their new narrative and try to fit everything into it. Everything must be inspected through the same strict filters, and let only the truth through. Thank you for being so sober in your analysis. I can also see that people are taking this Q thing as the ultimate way to bring down the power structure that exists, but we must all do this together. Specially love your message on consciousness, and how we must also take that into account when looking at people that are in power like Trump.


in my environment es an employee, my family,my kids and friends, except for some exceptions,think I'm hallucinating and my best fiend since childhood did suicide for the same reason. As I am very bad at expressing my feelings and opinions and even worse trying to transmit them, I just end up to not talk, just only listen and feel. Sometimes it's very frustrating, I always find comfort in lising to you

Justin Carpenter

Another great message. Thanks CE!


The intelligence you offer is refreshing and by encouraging us to a central approach and to neutrality so much more can happen in terms of us collectively making the right/progressive decisions for ourselves and therefore each other. The 5G issue is interesting and personally I believe safe 5G is more than possible..I believe the Deep State have likely been using this for some in their secret space programs etc. Lets hope we will finally have access to advanced technology employed to restore health of the planet and ourselves.. ;)