ET Related Findings in Antarctica - Corey Goode


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Joe interviews author and Secret Space Program Whistleblower Corey Goode about a recent finding in Antarctica that related to warm enough climates to sustain life. This appears to be a drip disclosure technique to begin public disclosure on ET’s but with a controlled narrative. Joe and Corey discuss ET related findings in Antarctica, including motherships. They also discuss pre-adamite beings, updates on the Nazca mummies and more.


Corey was still residing in Texas at this time. :( old news. I understand there's going to be old stuff here but because our drip drip world of disclosure is an ongoing narrative. I hope you will be including NEW information here as well. This was the first program I watched on my new CETV and a bit disappointed. Looking forward to digging in deeper in hopes of more current disclosure.


I have been looking for an alternative for gaia , please get up to speed . You are at least two years behind.


Have anything new ??


How old are the interviews , you wouldn't mind putting the date on these ,would you ?

Corey Goode is an alleged whistleblower and insider who discusses the secret military space program, the secret government and their development of the industrialization of our solar system. He has the 'alleged' title only because his background and credentials can't currently be verified. We find his testimony to be compelling, accurate and corroborated by others sources on most details.&nb...