Guided 'Emotional Trigger' Clearing Meditation - Franco DeNicola


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As part of our overall CE strategy, the second phase of our protocol focuses on 'Awakening Neutrality'. This step is crucial in helping to evolve past the triggers, charged memories and emotions we hold onto about certain experience both in our lives and what we view in our world's systems.

In this meditation, Franco DeNicola takes us through a clearing process that allows us to let go of the triggers associated with specific memories, judgments or emotions we have so we can truly shift our consciousness and begin creating our lives and world through an interconnected state of being.


Wonderful guided meditation, thank you so much! Would it be possible for you to provide a download link for offline use, as you already have for some of the other videos? Thank you and keep up the great work! Love, light and peace

Luke Iggleden

Wow. Thank you CE and thank you Franco for coming to earth and deliver this well rounded clearing. Love & light to you all!!

David Paul

I am grateful for this clearing. Thank you.

Ellen Riches

Ellen Riches

Loved this clearing meditation. I feel that it was exactly what I was looking for to start this New Year. Thank you Franco - you are indeed a miracle worker.

Franco DeNicola’s perception of humanity and the world greatly diverges from conventional ways of thinking. Rather than abiding to traditional belief systems and mindsets, he see’s beyond their conceptual creation, and therefore recognizes that there is more to us than what our current human experience has led us to believe. A planetary shift in consciousness has been recently leading more o...