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We were in the desert last year at Contact In The Desert shooting interviews for a new project we were working on called Life After Disclosure. We interviewed secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode in the beautiful desert at sunset. We spoke to him about a number of key topics around disclosure, how humanity can prepare, the importance of interacting with ET’s and what our world might look like over the next few years as disclosure continues to unfold. *We apologize for not having the GOOD audio on this interview.

Sue Whittaker

Best videos ever!!! Thank you CE TV!


Thanks! :)

Landry Tientcheu

Yo cetv team, the audio file you have for this video is the wrong one.


Hey Landry! Thanks for the heads up, we will get this figured out ASAP. :)


Yes, please fix it I am still not able to download the audio. Thanks! :)


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Corey Goode is an alleged whistleblower and insider who discusses the secret military space program, the secret government and their development of the industrialization of our solar system. He has the 'alleged' title only because his background and credentials can't currently be verified. We find his testimony to be compelling, accurate and corroborated by others sources on most details.&nb...