Elevate S1 E1 - What's Happening In Our World?

Elevate-S1 Elevate

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What EXACTLY is the shift and how does it relate to all of the things we are seeing in our world? We see upheaval, we see challenges, we see confusion and people asking deep questions... where is this all leading and what exactly is causing all this?

Jose Planken

Brilliant episode. But I have one question. Our soul, our part beyond the veil already has the consciousness 'the shift' is moving us toward, right? So why is it so important for our human aspect, mind to 'get it??? That which wereally are is already on board...?

Merrily Ann Berman

Well done!! Great perceptions about the systems that control us. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars...but no more than that. What I do not do is my choice which makes me who and what I am. But.... What I do, belongs to God and Creation. Great start. Awesome!!!!


Awesome! Love these talks with Franco! Some of his advice I find difficult to understand right away, e.g. it seems that we give power to politicians, that they are the powerful ones. Around 9:11 (funny) Franco says: it is the Way you feel... Aha, I Got it - it is all about manifestations, isnt it? That is via our thoughts and feelings we influence the World around us. And how we give our power away by energising that what we dont like (“I hate that and that”). Instead of polarising (into good and bad or love and hate) you should seek to understand that it is your own projections. And often your own flaws that is to be healed/cleared. Wow! I would love to hear more from Franco about manifestation and how to be creators, AS I understand it is NOT the same thing.

Karin Weiss

I wanted to mention that we are as well going through a lot of pain. I have C-PTSD from childhood trauma. I am in lots of pain since I am still in the middle of releasing trauma, and eventually healing.


Hi Karin, I really recommend you to read about Recall healing or New German Medicin. Feel better!

Karin Weiss

You are an amazing soul Joe. I have been following you over the past couple of years. I admire your calling, engagement and most of all your authenticity and truthfulness. I am cheering you on. Be safe. Sending much love and appreciation.