Elevate S1 E2 - Exposing The Matrix & Cabal

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With spiritual and consciousness awakening often comes understanding what is going on in our world beyond the illusion. Sometimes, we try to close our eyes to the truth and avoid it as a 'negative' thing to look at. This is a spiritual bypassing trap many get stuck in, and we discuss why it's important to explore.

Gregory Hill

Saying you don't feel like fighting doesn't mean your opponent won't just kill you anyway.

Gregory Hill

If the whole idea was to forget everything so that we can remember, this guy just spoiled it for everybody. So now what's the point?


Well, it sounds good that we just dont play the role...but in practice I dont really see how to... I cant refuse to pay my taxes (they are automatically withdrawn before I see my salary), I can refuse to vote, but that is only every fourth year, and many things are just decided over our heads in secret meetings. The other day, the police pulled me over and requested an alcohol test. Is this where you just say no - I am NOT playing the game anylonger? I dont really see that many plages in my ordinary life where I can refuse to play - unless I ask to be withdrawn from society, remove my social id ( if that can be done); live somewhere where Idont have to spend money, but how can you? Yes, I can refuse to war, but nobody would ask me...Can you give some more practical advice, thanks. Where in our everyday life is it, that we can walk away from the game? Thanks for some good questions and talk, very good, to.

Scot Robertson

Thanks for the insight today. As a teacher in the classroom. I was making excuses to change my career. Now, however, I am going to change my perspective on my role working with kids to show them an example of patience, understanding, support and fun. Thank you!


Awesome Scot, thanks for sharing that! We wanted to cover this topic as it's one of the biggest question or feeling that arises within people.. we almost get into this state of judgement about what we're doing and feel it's not valuable or helping. But like you mentioned, all about leading by example in whatever we are doing :)