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We interview Miriam Delicado for our latest documentary titled The Collective Evolution III: The Shift. Miriam speaks about her connections with ‘The Tall Blondes’ and what the messages she received mean for humanity during this time of great change. You can learn more about Miriam here: http://bluestarprophecy.com/

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It seems like over ten years ago that a friend gave me Miriams book. What I remember most was her intense message (for me) to save seeds and plant. Since then my garden has grown from 340 to almost 5000 square meters: I have taken down part of "farmed pine-forest" and replaced it with fruit trees, berry bushes (the original ones remained), nut-trees (many of them grown from nuts of various "origin"). I also have a vegetable garden and widen the life cycle of wood by carving it for various purposes and I love the spinning and working of fibers (best from the animals I know). I have chosen this to be the manifestation of my creative force, with the lovely side effect that I feel to be contributing to a life on earth I can stand for whilst keeping my integrity.

Miriam Delicado is a world recognized Extraterrestrial Contactee. She is the author of the book Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy in which she shares details of her contact experiences with Tall Blondes or Great Ancestors.

She has been featured on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Coast to Coast Radio and alternative media programs around the world.

Since childhood, Miriam has b...