The 5 Days of You Challenge


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The 5 days of YOU challenge is step 4 of the CE Protocol. It's a challenge developed by Joe Martino that aims to help people get in touch with self. To date, about 180,000 people have taken this challenge over the years and the results have been incredible. If you are looking to slow life down, get in touch with yourself, connect to deeper aspects of you and live authentically, this challenge is a great place to start.

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Change Starts Within. Are you ready?

Lu Mendoza


This is so exciting, i am starting this beautiful, profound yet simple 5-day plan today. I really do feel excited - already sensing change although i have not officially started yet. Thank you so much Joe for so graciously give us that amazing gift - this definitely comes at the right time in my life. Blessings to all at CETV and all of us on this channel. ♥

Cynthia L Vincent

The founder of Collective Evolution & CETV, Joe is pioneering a new form of media, one that challenges us to reshape the very aspects of ourselves that create our world.