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The CE Protocol is the formula CE has used since day 1 to help create a shift in consciousness through media and education. When we began creating news media here at CE, we wanted to bring a whole new flavor to it. Not just in creating neutrality, uniting people and serving up truth, but also looking at how our consciousness is creating the world around us, and how we can shift our consciousness to create a better world. Thus, this formula was born.

After watching the protocol, move onto The 5 Days of You Challenge.

KarenAnne Bis

Glad I completed this programme first, as it gives an insight into your valuable work. Just imagine - if as many as possible of those 180,000 people transformed by that challenge, gave back in CE's current time of financial need?


Thank you Joe ... so good to be here :)

jim walters

joe . . . I have a question. Without going into personal detail I can say truly that I am with you. BUT how are you taking an offensive stand against some of this abject evil without going after these guys (pedophile rings etc.) and wiping them out?

Brad Campbell

I'm not able to get the next 3 units of the protocol to open up

The founder of Collective Evolution & CETV, Joe is pioneering a new form of media, one that challenges us to reshape the very aspects of ourselves that create our world.