Part 1: The Contactee Experience w/ Susan Manewich

Disclosure Consciousness

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Susan is the current president of The New Energy Movement and a contactee herself. She has published research in the book Beyond UFO’s: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence.

We have interviewed a lot of people, and this was definitely one of the most fascinating interviews we have done for the very reason that it brought together details of not only the contactee experience, but what it may mean for humanity, that is tough to find out there.

linda epstein

Can someone help me? Clicking on the triangle to start the video does nothing. What am i doing wrong? Thank You.


Hey Linda, I'm not sure why it might not be working for you. I checked to see and your subscription is live and functioning.. Could you reach out to perhaps with a screenshot of what happens? We can better assist you there :)

Tommy Joe Laux

How can I be involved in this project Susan is talking about? I'm not an abductee, but I had an NDE almost 11 years ago and the similarities are very real.

Patricia patterson

Oh my goodness. You saw one of those too? I was standing on our porch wanting for my school bus 1970, shepardsville ky. I understand, felt alive to me. Nice to know I'm not the only one. I was 10 or 11

KarenAnne Bis

Well that was definitely an eye-opener...Yes, I realise that we do have to beware of certain organisations / people on this planet whose energy is denser than ours and can affect us so much.


I am unable to locate part 2 of the interview

KarenAnne Bis

Parts 2 and 3 are under 'Interview', then 'Disclosure'


Very informative , thank you🌸


Hey Joe - PLEASE don't use really silly ET caricatures on the front of interviews like this !!

Raymond Powell

Susan, thank you for doing this. You are a very eloquent, grounded, and principled lady. I appreciate everything you are doing, and the way you hold yourself!

Ralph etheart

Fabulous interview!!


I enjoyed this interview very much. Living in Europe we can see the shift starting to happen. And while the shift is actually a opportunity to move into a higher level of understanding (of everything) it is probably going to be extremely difficult if your belief system is holding you back. The shift is so huge that it will challenge everything we think we know. Susan has touched on very important aspects like attitude that can help in that challenge. Thx a lot !

Douglas Amell

So, so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a remarkable integrity I feel from Susan. She’s a blessing.

Albert Bilos

Great interview! You're doing a great job at CE, my compliments. When Susan mentions remembering the Source and incarnating because she heard the call, it somehow reminded me of the book 'Three Waves of Volunteers' by Dolores Canon. What all Light workers / Miracle workers know is that we are here to raise the awareness that in every direction the compass reads Love. Bless you all!

Chris Arnold

I have been drawn to Collective Evolution for a few years now. I haven’t delved to deep into it because I am a busy father and I work an obscene amount of hours. I decided to give CE tv a try during my down time at work for more of an entertainment factor. After viewing some of the content with this contactee experience being my most recent viewing I am re-thinking my approach to the content of this site. This isn’t an X-Files or Si-Fi themed entertainment venue but a venue that provides credible information that I am conditioned to disregard. I am naturally open-minded enough to re-think that position and am beginning to open up to other possibilities that I have never conceived. If anything considering different possibilities may enlighten me and make this journey through life a bit more enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you for the insight and keep doing what you’re doing.


First time I ever watched an interview of a contactee. Fascinating. I resonate with growing in love and relationships. Its how we treat one another.

James Cook

Yes, love is what it's all about and it's non-negotiable, no matter what corner of the universe you're in. It's the bottom line, the fundamental truth, and the ultimate challenge. It carries with it absolute responsibility. Maybe that's why so few want to hear the message. A beautiful interview!


Thanks so much James! Love: Truly the underlying truth to so much :)


Fantastic!!! ❤❤❤



Susan is the current president of the New Energy Movement. Susan Manewich focuses on conscious leadership for the positive evolution of all life. She has spent 20 years in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics to successfully transition through these global changes.

Susan currently works to bring ethics...