The Hidden Science of Crop Circles - Patty Greer

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We wanted to do an interview with Patty Greer to dive into some of the Hidden science behind crop circles. Unfortunately there were some technical issues with this interview that took us a long time to fix and even then the audio and video quality was not up to par. However we felt the content was still great. In this interview Patty talks about why and how crop circles actually form and how long we’ve known how this works. There were a number of fascinating things shared in this interview that I had not even heard up until the time of the interview.

Barbara Jones

Has the follow up interview with your mentor been done yet.

Martha Barlsdale

Just curious, when was this interview done. I do wish you dated your interviews, etc.


Hey Martha, we are working on adding dates to all very shortly here as this question has come up a couple times. This particular one was done in September of 2018.

Matt Olson

Very intriguing stuff. I don’t mean to a jerk at all and I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, I only mean to give constructive feedback but I felt that the interviewer was feeling a bit nervous and unsure of himself and the questions he wanted to ask Patti. It still was an excellent interview but there was a moment towards the end that I found to be a little bit “cringey” for lack of a better word as I could feel his anxiety and him being unsure of what to ask/say. This is very likely because I can be fairly awkward sometimes and I can also be pretty empathic so I can kind of feel what he’s feeling in the moment. As I write this I’m hesitant to even point this out because I think there’s a good chance that if he’s anything like me, he probably is overly aware of this already and I get it can be somewhat crippling in the moment. My suggestion (which is just as much advice for myself that I’m kind of projecting on to him as it’s always easier to solve others problems than our own accept the problems we see in others very often are a mirror into ourselves) is that he prepare questions ahead of time, familiarize himself more with the topic, and above all just realize there is no reason to be nervous. I am reading now that you had audio/video issues so maybe that’s the cause of some of what I was sensing here. Btw you can remove this comment if you’d like moderators, I am not trying to publicly call anyone out I just was more trying to give a critique that could be helpful in the future perhaps.

Deb Scott

Patty Greer is a prominent UFO filmmaker who produced 8 full feature UFO films in 10 years that received 8 prestigious awards, including 5 EBEs at the International UFO Congress Convention. Her films offer unrelenting evidence and explosive footage of Crop Circles being produced by spinning Plasma Balls of Light. Greer’s conclusion after producing 8 UFO films and working closely with Penny K...