The Magic Within - Dulce Ruby


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Joe interviews Dulce Ruby to discuss the magic we hold within ourselves and how we can use it to live life lucidly.  They discuss her life story growing up in a school system that allowed her to explore her deeper interests and talents from a young age. Her story carries her through many stages including being a top model in the US to observing the inner workings of the music industry to eventually living in a temple for 2 years studying with monks. The fascinating journey has many takeaways in the realm of dreaming, lucidity and the magic within us all.


would love to read this book Ruby, sounds super excited


exciting... (sorry)... please help us awake from this dream state

Patricia patterson

Lovely that your folks understood. My mom was running from hers and also not right and my dad was a drunk, they did not want to hear my dreams and visions.

Faye Catterton

Ruby, The very 1st thing I watched after joining CETV & I loved it. Please let me know where I can find your book Golden Mirrors as I cannot wait to read it. My email is Thank you so much for helping to elevate our world.

Edwin E

Ruby, you are so genuine and enjoy listening to you. Keep doing what you are doing. I just got introduced to CETV and you are the first I watched. Great experience and will continue following you and the channel. Sending positive energy and love to the Universe.


Ruby, Where can I get your book Golden Mirrors?! Would LOVE to get my hands on it I can't find it anywhere. Please email me if possible:

Dulce Ruby

Beautiful! So lovely to speak with you just now via email - thank you so much for reaching out. Look forward to you reading your copy ! xx


Hi Dulce! I would love to be able to find a copy of this as well. My email is if you don’t mind pointing me in the right direction!


Such a fascinating interview! Really looking forward to watching waking realm!

Dulce Ruby

Thank you so much, Marion! Let me know what you think/feel/see once watching. So interested to hear your reflections. Am currently about to start filming the 2nd season called 'Illuminated' which will begin to be released next week!!

Ahmed shunan

Loved the Interview Loved the way you sat on the interview, it’s beautiful, you are amazing. It is like a meditation on the set It’s exciting about you said the witch doctor came and spoke to your parents that the child they are baring would have some unique Gifts. And your parents also very into magic and Consciousness fascinating. And seeing things before them happening that’s a beautiful gift. Love to know more about that. “Open to the idea that I could manifest anything I wanted” “I lived and still live to the idea that life is about a Dream.” After when your mom diagnosed with the breast cancer how everything changed, how you were told everything was going to be ok…and the anger asking to be out of the school and joining the public school. Loved how you said Fam, fortune, success, popularity, looks and physical appearance is just a piece of cake And you were graduated, and you were also the prom Queen –YOU ARE A QUEEN how you moved to New York with a couple of bucks. And I loved how confident you were at the time, and you said that you’re not that person. (on people’s idea – people are going to end up in the street, on drugs, Pregnant) and how your life changed got modeling contract in week or 2, beautiful Apartment in a couple of months. And the Penthouse how gradually things evolved. Loved every Sec of the Interview. Keep Inspiring :)

Dulce Ruby

Ahmed, you truly are an incredible being of light - thank you so much for all of your feedback and love. I am so happy to have you along this ride called life, and grateful that you found me on Instagram. Glad you loved this interview and looking forward to hearing your thoughts and response to the show itself! You are amazing - remember: I am solely a reflection. Thank you again for everything - your support, love & reflections here.. I will most definitely aim to keep inspiring & awakening! :)


Great to see a female who has made such a interesting spiritual journey. She speaks really fast, but its works fine to follow. I really liked the part about the music industry and the frequencies. If id be picky I would say it could be nice to hear a little of what kind of art or music she makes, like if she designed and painted the background:)

Dulce Ruby

Thank you so much, Kinara - truly. It means so much to me to hear you enjoyed as well as the feedback. I definitely speak fast (and am working on slowing it down a bit - check out Waking Realm, I've made sure to make an effort to be conscious of my speed, haha). As for the music industry, frequencies, etc - next season of Waking Realm will be 'ILLUMINATED' and will be diving deep into all of these things and more! So happy you really liked that part as just further confirms it's the best next step of content. And lastly - in regards to the art & music - would love to share more of this as well!! To begin with, yes, I did design and create the background and then sent over to a friend to have digitized and made into a banner/background, and also made the poster on the left :) Hope to share more as time/seasons go on as plan to hang art throughout the show !


Oh, niice, background is great and the poster has a cool take on the third! I just see Reality Check (such a contemporary title and topic:) and I got more used to your speaking flow and found it to keep me alert, thus being open for more insight also. Thank you for your lucidity!

Anna Rodgers

loved watch this. So inspiring!

Dulce Ruby

Thank you so much, Anna!! Glad you enjoyed :)

Dulce Ruby is an artist (of audio, visual, and written formats) who works in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and lucidity. Her works cover an array of topics such as soul travel, meditation, manifestation, magic, self-love & awareness, and utilizing dreams for healing & furthering our awakening. Via her metaphysical, gnostic, and esoteric studies & practices she aims to create wor...