Trump's Role & Is The Cabal Losing Power w/ David Wilcock

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We recently had the opportunity to get a number of updates from David Wilcock to gather his perspective on what’s going on right now. What is the role of Trump at this time? Is the Cabal really losing power right now? Is Qanon a big part of the changes that are taking place? We explore it all and his thoughts on his new film Above Majestic.

J. Chavez

Love the messages in this interview guys!! Great job and thank you for putting these messages out there! What David says about the universe being one being, is all explained in the channeled books THE ONE BEING, def worth a read. =]


Very Disappointed, Truth you say.....Lol, it's a sad world when people like this keep pushing the propaganda pill.

Patricia patterson

Thank you both for getting this out.

Patricia patterson

Love david. Joined Gaia because of him.


Loved this! David Wilcock is definitely talented BUT Well done Joe!! Really love how you bring things together.


Loved this interview with David Wilcock! It's great to hear new info from him since he's no longer doing cosmic disclosure.

Gloria Ann Larimore Wampler


Gloria Ann Larimore Wampler

Ruben Vazquez Zueras

Joe, can you please make audio download available for this interview. Greetings from Spain.


Done! :) Enjoy!

Sue Whittaker

This is an amazing video. David is at his very best!!! I've heard him a lot, and this is very impressive!!! His insight is far beyond his years! If we are an "enlightened" community, we need to spread love and compassion. Let's start right here. Let's draw the line in the sand!! Thank you both for all of your hard work.


Indeed! We totally enjoyed doing this one as we felt it was important to raise these sorts of questions that are often not discussed too much :) Time to unite, truly!

Mark Edwards

Yes and I will be one to contribute to the history and development of the alliance.


Imagine a massive meeting of the alliance one day? That would be cool!


This is one of the best David Wilcock interviews I've seen. His perspective, insight and information is spot on. I also appreciate your comments at the end. I've grown weary of the negativism I see from ppl who claim to be "enlightened."


Hey JMG, Thanks for sharing that! Indeed it seems have to gotten to many in the space, the idea that things are either moving 'slowly' or there is too much confusion or even competition at times, it has brought up many of the pain points within people that hopefully don't go unchecked for too much longer as coming together is where the true power is :)


This rings so true - some of us souls have been in a deep sleep only to be unapologetically awakened and actived fully - to remember our divine memory’s Now... This planets frequency is shifting & so every species havbitung her is to💚 light is filtering thru lightening every cell living here! I feel the discord & imbalance like swimming in concrete! Social media is full of energy strands that feel like they hook in to the negative pool of horribleness.. 💚 open up & ask what kind of world do we want to live in and leave behind for our own ?


2 thumbs up!






This is so good!!! Love your platform!!!❤❤❤

cathy king argraves

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.