Waking Realm S1 E3 - Remembering

Waking Realm S1 Waking Realm

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Dulce Ruby dives into storytelling of celestial connections & messages surrounding our awakening from her personal experience within the dreamscape.

What if the astral plane could be utilized for remembrance?

Tune in as we discuss remembering who we truly are and utilizing our dreamtime for healing, listening, connecting, and aligning with our true purpose.

James Blair

Have you ever done any work on past lives. Could you touch upon it if you have. Life is but a dream.

Molly Hélène

Hello Shiny Sister, I've started a dream journal (yay!) and have successfully remembered some dreams, some mornings. Before I sleep I tell myself to remember, and when I am waking, or still in the early morning dream state, I remind myself to recall. I am sure with practice I will have better recall but until them the remembering can be elusive. I suppose like any exercise it's building up the muscle so to speak. I really want to return to how I was as a child when I mastered lucid dreaming so well that I could invoke donut-shaped clouds to fly through and move into another dream. I have lived my life knowing that I had a foot in both worlds so to speak, but the programming of this 3D matrix created so much static that the dream life became obscured. Dreams and death have always been important subjects to me in my poetry. I feel that I am clearly awake in the dream on the other side but there has been some veil imposed that has kept me from remembering except when it leaks through. However, I am stepping forward to empower myself to reclaim my dream life, thanks to your guidance. Interesting to me that one morning I remembered parts of 3 dreams, all with the message that "it's time to leave", which later in the day felt as if I was being called home. In each of those dream circumstances I was saying "I'm not ready yet", feeling as if I had more to accomplish before I left. I feel that this has nothing necessarily to do with where I am living or who I am with in waking life per se, it is more that I am being called by my celestial family. I hope to explore this more in dreams to come. Another interesting thing is that in another dream I had an animal appear. It was sitting to my front right. I have a spiritual relationship with this animal but interestingly it appeared with spots instead of its usual black color. It resonated with me when you said that your day begins at night before you sleep. My QiGong teacher was just speaking to that the day before so this really has registered in me even more so because of this synchronicity. I love how life speaks to us this way! A question for you. I have a totem which is a small item made by an alchemist. Although I've seen the movie Inception, I don't remember how to use this in the dream. I will see the movie again to see if I can glean more information about this, but I am hoping that you will explain how to use this device in the dreamworld. I appreciate and am grateful for your grace in delivery for this important information you are sharing. I feel it is critical for those of us who have volunteered to be here on this planet at this time as shepherds, guides, anchors and/or wayshowers. Your ancient wisdom shines through brightly. I honor you and your mission. Thank you.

Landry Tientcheu

Dulce, great show as always. I have a question that may be totally unrelated to today's topic. But every time i watch your show, i can't help but notice your appearance: pretty, thin, and calm. Then the first thought that crosses my mind is: "i wonder what she eats." Then the next thought that comes after that is: "I wonder if she's intentional about what she consumes and how she looks." And I'm always wondering about those things because in my humble opinion, those are the fundamentals we need to acquire discipline over before we can even begin to talk about a spiritual life. For me, cultivating discipline around eating, sleeping, and physical exercise has laid some solid foundation for my spiritual quest. I don't think I would have come this far without mastering those physical elements. What do you think?

Dulce Ruby

Blessed rising, Landry and thank you so much for your comment here - glad you enjoy/ed the show! As for your question - in regards to what I eat and the intention behind what is consumed, etc. the simple answer, is yes. Whilst living at the temple, what was eaten was eaten mindfully. This means that with every meal came introspection. There was a sense of presence and awareness.. gratitude for every bite, sensation, and senses as they heightened. Every moment of life was like this (and could be like this still for us all). Whether it was in our practice, our walking, cleaning - everything was a meditation - an opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and explore what it means to be alive, here & now. I am not as much in my practice today as I was then, to be honest (but am working on fully getting back into), and am not one for labels, but what I do believe has come with me is the awareness of intake - of all forms. Energy is everything - so we must exchange, emit, choose, and intake wisely. This goes for foods, products, relationships, and even environments. You are 100000% correct in that this way of looking at life/being is a fundamental/foundational way to go about life if we wish to thrive and live fully. It is in our discipline that we find freedom.. in routine that we find our flow. Simply put, if we wish to be at peace, we must begin to practice in simple form - conscious breath, movement, living. Everything we do can be done consciously - in presence and fully aware. Not so much that we become consumed by the thoughts of doing everything in the 'now' and 'perfectly' - but more so, beginning to welcome the physical elements to merge with our spiritual.. as all is all. Thank you so much for this question, by the way, as truly love diving deeply as so and always beautiful/fun to see a reflection beaming at the same frequency! xx

Landry Tientcheu

Thank you for the lengthy response Dulce. I know how valuable time is so I appreciate very much yours. You said it all when you said that it is in our discipline that we find freedom. Those words were music to my ears when I read it. It's the gospel truth and I thank you for being a beautiful reflection of my own journey. Love always, Landry

Dulce Ruby

Of course, Landry - and thank You so much as well for your reflection & time. Sending love & gratitude - always & in all ways. Looking forward to your thoughts on coming episodes/seasons! xx

Dulce Ruby is an artist (of audio, visual, and written formats) who works in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and lucidity. Her works cover an array of topics such as soul travel, meditation, manifestation, magic, self-love & awareness, and utilizing dreams for healing & furthering our awakening. Via her metaphysical, gnostic, and esoteric studies & practices she aims to create wor...