Waking Realm S1 E5 - Lucid Dreaming

Waking Realm S1 Waking Realm

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Join Dulce Ruby as she interviews Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to Inner Self, and Lucid Dreaming: Plain & Simple.

Have you ever wondered what benefits there are to lucid dreaming?

Tune in as these two dream experts discuss the conscious undertones that surround the worlds of lucid dreaming - as well as tips & tricks to beginning your journey into LUCIDITY.


Really enjoyed this! Wonderful insight into lucid dreaming and many of it's variables.

Dulce Ruby

Thank you so much, Dana! So happy you really enjoyed it - honestly still so much I want to share - so may just release another few episodes.. LUCIDITY 2.0 ?! ;) Thank you again! xx

James Cook

This is a beautiful exposition of how the practical and the visionary are one and the same.

Dulce Ruby

Hello, hello, James! Thank you (truly) so much for this beautiful reflection/compliment. So happy you viewed and perceived it as such. So magical, and I agree.. all one and the same. Always & in all ways.

Dulce Ruby is an artist (of audio, visual, and written formats) who works in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and lucidity. Her works cover an array of topics such as soul travel, meditation, manifestation, magic, self-love & awareness, and utilizing dreams for healing & furthering our awakening. Via her metaphysical, gnostic, and esoteric studies & practices she aims to create wor...