Waking Realm S2 E1 - Behind The Music

Waking Realm Season 2 Waking Realm

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As Waking Realm welcomes in its new season, 'Illuminated,’ Dulce Ruby looks to shine light on various aspects of our lives where we may be blindsided due to corruption, deception, and control.

This episode dives right into a much needed conversation regarding the music industry today - its intentions, purpose, and what energetic intentions play their role in popular music today. After having had development over the past couple years in discussing such matters on The Collective Evolution Podcast with CE’s founder, Joe Martino, we decided to explore this subject even deeper to explore the idea that this media is being utilized to keep the masses asleep and ‘dumb us down’ as a collective.

Could there be higher-up hands pulling the strings behind the music we are being fed through our radios?

Tune in as we discuss and share our thoughts and personal experiences within these realms.

James Blair

Very interesting. I wish there were more on this subject. Witchcraft and dark and light aspects of music and culture.

Dulce Ruby

Thank you, James! I may do a second running of both of these first seasons as Lucidity & Illuminated 2.0 as it seems many were still looking to go deeper and I am all for diving in and sharing more insight, personal stories, perspectives and research I've done! :) Definitely topics/subjects that at times are overlooked in this way.. thank you for tuning in - truly appreciate it (and LOVE the feedback as it keeps me flowing) xx

Jeff Russell

Great discussion on a topic that nobody seems to understand. I see current music as a blatant and planned distortion of Nature and natural harmonics. We are each like a tuning fork with our own unique frequency and the music they are putting out pushes us away from harmony and into chaos. If you want to hear some natural music that resonates with Gaia, play a tamboura.

Dulce Ruby

Thank you so much, Jeff - truly! It's definitely a topic that seems to be either misunderstood, misrepresented, or completely avoided as many focus on the surface level. I believe you are correct with current music being a distortion of nature & natural harmonics.. I actually found a device recently that aids in utilizing true 'music' from nature to enhance our human experience as well as a meditative symphony of our surroundings! Thank you so much for your reflection, I love hearing and learning more about you as well as new instruments ;) I used to play alto sax and piano when I was younger so can definitely relate with what you share here! xx

Dulce Ruby is an artist (of audio, visual, and written formats) who works in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and lucidity. Her works cover an array of topics such as soul travel, meditation, manifestation, magic, self-love & awareness, and utilizing dreams for healing & furthering our awakening. Via her metaphysical, gnostic, and esoteric studies & practices she aims to create wor...