Waking Realm S2 E3 - Star Power & The Puppetmaster

Waking Realm Season 2 Waking Realm

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Dulce Ruby discusses the influence of our astrological charts, current as currency, and how our individual value is viewed by those of 'influence' and 'control.'

Is it possible that our energy is being manipulated and our paths are being veered?

Tune in as we discuss how to become more firm in your power and amplify your presence to live in full alignment with who you truly are.

Landry Tientcheu

Where can we find out more about your book and classes?

Dulce Ruby

Hello, hello, Landry! I am actually amid creating a brand new site just for this, so they are currently no longer online - but as soon as they are (looking like mid to late May) do hope you dive in! Apologize for the delay, I was hit with inspiration and am whipping up something truly magical for the world.. so taking the time to develop it and make it LIVE soon soon! Thank you so much for your interest, by the way - means the Universe to me and so excited to share it all with you soon! xx ^_^

Dulce Ruby

- PS - If you are interested, I can either place you on my emailing list so that you're the first to find out/be updated on the release & launch, or.. if you follow me on IG you'll definitely see me post about it there as well :) Whatever you wish, and again - thank you for the confirmation that they are being sought/needed <3 xx

Dulce Ruby is an artist (of audio, visual, and written formats) who works in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and lucidity. Her works cover an array of topics such as soul travel, meditation, manifestation, magic, self-love & awareness, and utilizing dreams for healing & furthering our awakening. Via her metaphysical, gnostic, and esoteric studies & practices she aims to create wor...