What Qanon Actually Is, And Why The Media Is Avoiding It

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With the recent all out media blunder of Qanon perspectives pointing to a 'pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy, we step in to talk about what's really going on and how the mainstream media missed this one so badly and also purposefully misled people.

Jessi Roullier

Thanks! Learned a lot from this. I wish you would do a similar video about the yellow jackets of Paris!!


Conspiracy- a collective-intellectual-intuition-prophesy? ehehe...im just playing with words.. anyways, great clarity on the Qanon, makes a lot of sense. Ive been watching Norwegian mainstream newsmedia for a long time, and Im so tired/kind of sick of how they keep using the primetime for utterly useless political drama/dividedness. They did broadcast a bit of the yellow vest movement, but not too much. Where do you think Macron fits in this picture? some of protestors was keeping a Q on their vests...is his move not important as the french seem to have made up their minds..?